Sieva Foot Cream

diabetic foot is a very common disease among diabetic patients and considered of the most harmful complications in which neuropathy, poor blood circulation inflammation & ulcers on formed Patients diabetic foot feel different forms of pain often hot or cold sensation, because of nerve damage & poor blood circulation.
Sieva Foot cream in a natural used to increase blood circulation to the legs & retains normal sensation to provide calmness & relaxation during the day while sleeping & prevents further complications like Gangrene & ulcers.

Palic Cream

Palic Cream is a natural formulation are characterized as being safe and Edible, Which consists of Beeswax and Sesame oil which this formula is well studied through a lot of published articles and researches

Palic Cream works:

  1. provide an optimum physiological moisture necessary for regeneration and repair.
  2. Relieve pain and swelling.
  3. Reduce the loss of body fluids from injured areas.
  4. Provide a nutrition environment to expedite healing.
  5. Absorb residual heat in the injured areas.
  6. Expediting epithelialization to minimize scar formation