About us

The United International pharmaceutical Company was established for the manufacture pharmaceutical products in
Jordan in 2002 and is an extension of our group where we from the beginning of commitment to quality through
the use of the latest methods of manufacturing and control according to international standards.
We are proud that our success through our investment in our human resources and promote creativity in all sections
of our workforce ,which reflects our success in continuing to put new products that reflect the urgent need in
the local market and regional markets.

Our products are divided into the following groups:

We are currently working to expand the base Clients in the Middle East and Africa (MENA), through the marketing of
our products exclusively through medical companies with substantial experience in the marketing of medical
products and pharmaceuticals in their domestic markets.


To produce the pharmaceutical products with the highest quality
to ensure a complete customer satisfaction through our dedicated
and competent staff and efficient system.
And throughout a professional sales and marketing team.
Our main concern on healthcare of women, children and men.


Becoming the market leader in producing pharmaceuticals locally,
regionally, and globally.


Developing and manufacturing new products that meet the market demand.

Adding new innovative production lines, and increasing the capacity of the currentproduction lines.

Continuous training and development programs are designed for the employees, eachaccording to its department.

Effective Distribution to the most markets inside Jordan and outside by continuousregistration in these markets.

Maintain a steady market growth in Sales and Marketingin domestic and export markets.